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We spend a lot of time in our cars these days. Whether commuting to work every day or traveling to visit family and friends often, we rack up almost as many hours in our vehicles as we do our own home...
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Ten Things for a Safe and Secure Vehicle!

by Safe Home Team 11. June 2009 05:11

We spend a lot of time in our cars these days. Whether commuting to work every day or traveling to visit family and friends often, we rack up almost as many hours in our vehicles as we do our own homes. Below are 10 items to keep in your car to help you feel safe and secure in your home away from home.

Air purifier plugs into car cigarette lighter1. Air Purifiers

In today’s society, we travel mostly on heavily trafficked streets and highways, through pollutants and pollen, and any other number of particles from items we bring into the vehicle. These things can complicate asthma or simply make the interior of your car stinky and uncomfortable. Breath easier by putting an extra air purifier in your vehicle. You can purchase purifiers that simply plug into your cigarette lighter, such as the Wein Air Supply Cigarette-Lighter Plug-in Air Purifier.  In about 10 minutes, this little device will clean up to 90% of road pollutants from the interior of your car.

Garmin GlobalSat GPS for the auto2. GPS

Perhaps one of the best investments you can make for your safety and sanity while on the road is a GPS. Type in your destination, and your GPS will give you turn-by-turn directions, detecting if you’ve made a wrong turn and sets you back on course. Plus, most come with mounts to secure it to your dashboard or windshield. One of the most cost effective is the Garmin GlobalSat. It contains street level mapping of the US, Canada, and Mexico with a database of over 1,000,000 points of interest. Never again will you waste energy and fuel driving in circles around your destination.

Escape hammer quickly breaks car window in emergency3. Escape Hammer

Probably one of the most overlooked car safety devices, the escape hammer can also be one of the most life saving. In the event of a car accident, every second counts; especially if you are submerged in water or your car’s electrical has failed. Keep at least one escape hammer within arms length at all times. Check out the Original Life Hammer, which comes with a razor sharp cutter for your seat belt. Another good option is the Res-Q-Me Keychain Emergency Hammer that is small enough to comfortably carry on your keychain.

Deer avoidance system for the car4. Deer Avoidance System

With deer populations exploding every year, the number of deer-related auto accidents is also rising, with vehicle damage typically being over $2,800. Plus, many insurance companies will drop you after repeated deer hits (bad news for Pennsylvania, which is the number one state for deer collisions!). However, this can be avoided by installing a deer avoidance system in your vehicle; which reduces your chance of a deer collision by up to 70% (good news for Pennsylvania!). Look into the Hornet Deer Avoidance System. It releases a precision tuned sonic generator to warn deer and other animals that you are coming through. When they hear the pulse, deer typically stop and bolt another direction.

Flasligh plugs into car cigarette lighter to quickly recharge5. Rechargeable Flashlight

A flashlight can be a real lifesaver, whether you’re in a nighttime accident or you simply dropped something important under your seat. The QuickLite DashLite Rechargeable Flashlight is great for in-car safety. It plugs right into your cigarette lighter to be charged and ready to use at any time, with a life-span of up to 5 years – that’s more than 100 AA batteries!

Split cigarette lighter socket into multiple sockets including usb port6. Socket Splitter

With all the devices you can add to your vehicle for comfort and entertainment, one or two cigarette lighter sockets may not be enough.  Purchasing a socket splitter is an easy and economical way to make up for it. They even make splitters with a USB port for your MP3 players or PDAs, such as the Wagan Twin USB/DC Device. It saves on having to buy more adapters for the USB ports.


Automotive resource kit for when an accident happens 7. Accident Documentation Kit

For even the lightest of fender benders, proper documentation of the accident can more than useful when making insurance claims. Keep an accident documentation kit in your car or glove box at all times.  The AcciDent Auto Kit is a great option, as it comes with a form with questions your insurance company will need answers to, a place for the names and address for all involved, a disposable camera, and measuring tape to measure the extent of damages. Since emotions run high and memory can be faulty, having all the information down immediately after the accident with both parties involved can save on confusion and possible legal troubles.

Wedge heated seat cushion for your car8. Seat Cushion

No matter themodel, long hours in your car can make for a tired hiney. Take some stress of your bottom with a wedge seat cushion. It promotes better posture by tilting your pelvis forward, restoring the natural s-curve of your lower back. If back pain or long hours aren’t your issue, you can also find a variety of temperature control seat cushions. For winter, there are all kinds of heated seat cushions. What is there for hot weather, you ask? Wagan makes an air circulating seat cushion to help keep your back cool on hot days.


Protect your pets in the car with the heat alarm9. Canine Heat Alarm

If you are a dog owner, your pet probably spends some time in your vehicle. However, hot weather can make your car a dangerous place for Fido. Make sure your car or RV is a healthy temperature by installing a canine heat alarm, such as the Radiotronics K9 Heat Alarm. If the interior of your vehicle reaches a temperature unsafe for your dog, it causes your horn to blow as a warning signal, with options for a beeper or pager if you’re out of earshot. You can also purchase accessories, such as a fan or a window drop module to keep your pet safe and comfortable while you head to his rescue.

portable battery charger for the car10. Battery Charger

A lot of people carry jumper cables in their trunks, which is incredibly helpful in the even of a dead battery. However, what happens when there is no other car to jump you? This is why it’s a good idea to have a vehicle battery charger stored in your trunk. If you’re in the middle of nowhere or simply someplace where nobody will help you out, you will always have a charge at your fingertips. A great one for lower cost is the Peak Linear Battery Charger. It has everything you need with a low price tag.


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